How Trippin’ Midwest Mama Got Her Groove Back

Today I checked in on my Trippin’ Midwest Mama wesbite, and it occurred to me that I haven’t written a new blog since May. It isn’t for lack of good intentions or subject matters.  It’s for lack of a time-creating device that adds hours to my day.

As many of you know, I launched a new gig as a travel agent earlier this year. Tabby Travels with Simply Mouse Vacations has taken off in ways I’ve never expected. What some of you might not know is that I already have steady work as a freelancer specializing in healthcare writing. This has been my main career for the last 17 years. Add to that the fact that my daughter was going through her fourth knee surgery this summer. Hopefully, those darned patellas will stay on track now.

The real kicker is that I have plenty of things I want to write about and a ton of travel plans in the works.  I try to share quick tips regularly on my Trippin’ Midwest Mama Facebook page, but I have these big itineraries and loads of travel tips bumping around in my head, and I’d love to get them out!

So here’ s my solution: I’m going to start making more frequent but pint-sized entries day-to-day on the blog. Instead of investing an entire day in a chapter-sized post, I might spend a hour in the morning offering a bit of insight on a particular topic.

For instance, I’d love to explain the perils of being a travel agent…most notably that you come across so many amazing deals, you turn into your best customer. And while I couldn’t possibly share details about EVERY opportunity that has tempted me, I’ll tell you the story of how  I’ve come to book a Bahamian cruise on RCL’s Symphony of the Seas for next year, which happens to be one of the latest and greats ships on the ocean. I honestly didn’t think this big boy would be in my budget, but I’ll soon share the incredible deal I got.

Hard to believe I’ll actually be cruising on this ship next fall!

Or tell you about my upcoming and fourth trip to New Orleans – this time, with my book club. But instead of detailing THE LONG LIST of things I adore devouring and drinking while I’m visiting this food mecca, I’ll start by telling you why a visit to the legendary Commander’s Palace, the go-to spot for Haute Creole cuisine, is always on my itinerary.

A visit to Commander’s is a must when in New Orleans!

I could also tell you about the many spots in the Midwest we love to visit, including my town of Lena, Illinois, and how the number of retail and taste bud treasures are growing just blocks from our home. But since I’ve yet put together a blog about ALL of my favorite hometown spots, maybe I will just focus on one treasure at a time.  The mere fact that Zanzibar ice cream is now available at the Cream & Sugar Beanery has rocked my son’s world.  Now he doesn’t have to wait until our next visit to the beloved Union Dairy in Freeport to nab a scoop of his favorite ice cream.

Good thing Union Dairy, Freeport’s nostalgic ice cream mainstay, has plenty of paper towel dispensers! And now my kids’ faces can also get messy just a a few blocks away from home at Lena’s Cream & Sugar Beanery.

So stay tuned, because there is so much more to come, from Midwest gems to ocean adventures. I might be dishing it up in smaller servings, but I promise the adventure and wanderlust it inspires will taste just as sweet.

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